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In a recent article published in Psychology Today, evolutionary psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa, “explained” why black women are less attractive than women of other racial backgrounds. The article has since vanished from the Psychology Today website, but as they say: once you put something on the web, it’s there forever. This article from the Huffington Post includes a few excerpts of Kanazawa’s so-called findings.

Personally, I feel that Kanazawa should be evaluated, as it seems he is attempting to use science as a means to spew his stereotypical and racist views. Furthermore, we have come way too far to sit back quietly while black women—or women of any race—to have the degree of their beauty judged solely by their ethnic background. I grew up with such negativity, being a fair-skinned African American woman with mildly slanted eyes. People were always trying to judge or categorize me and I never quite fit in one way or the other. The damage was devastating during my critical years of adolescence and I was taught by the media that there was a very narrow standard of beauty. Yet, that was also the time when there was a change in motion and an increasing number of people of color were becoming recognized in a positive light.

Now that the balance has shifted, we are seeing the unique beauty of all races being represented throughout the world for the most part. All this coming after years of wanting to be something other than what I was (and still am). Luckily, I made peace with my appearance and didn’t fall so deep into the physical self-loathing that leads many women to drastic (and sometimes deadly) self-modification via cosmetic surgery and dangerous injections. Yet, oddly enough I wonder if Kanazawa has taken into account the many women who undergo such procedures and tan themselves to look more like the so-called less attractive women he has written about.

There is some truth to the notion that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Try as we might to measure or predict it by way of surveys and facial beauty ratios, there is and always will be a varying factor that will remain unpredictable. Mystery is also an element of attraction. Sometimes there’s just no explaining why we’re drawn to a certain person. Especially when it contradicts the preconceived template with which we compare potential mates. Like the rainbow, beauty is a diverse spectrum that spans many shades, all of which should be appreciated, respected and celebrated.

Since Kanazawa’s article basically showed the world an x-ray of his repulsive disposition I’ll close with the wise words of Dorothy Parker:

Beauty is skin deep but ugly goes right to the bone.


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The following story is inspired by actual events…that happened in a very strange dream:

April 29, 2011 — I was in charge of getting Kate Middleton’s dress to her on the morning of the Royal Wedding since someone else had forgotten it. There was a problem: the dress was still on a rather heavy mannequin and I had nothing in which to transport it. So one of the royal advisors suggested I wear it to ensure that the gown wouldn’t crease or wrinkle by folding. I objected for a multitude of reasons, but after catching a glimpse of my reflection in the next scene in my dream I suppose I had lost the argument. 

Getting through narrow entryways was a challenge as we traveled to residence of the bride-to-be, who was awaiting our arrival. I was an emotional wreck as I pondered her reaction upon seeing me wearing an item clearly designed solely for her. Furthermore, I was paranoid about the dress making contact with anything or anyone since it would have been criminal if it had been stained or damaged on my watch.

Halfway there, I noticed a threat of drizzle as I transferred into a stately white Bentley adorned with roses. On my way to the vehicle I passed an old flame, who upon spotting me—and possibly assuming I was the one getting married—blatantly flirted with a random woman. She promptly shot him down, but he tried to play it off as though rejection was the latest aphrodisiac. The ridiculousness of it all was quite humorous and I struggled to suppress my laughter. That brief moment of relaxation had an adverse effect: I suddenly had to use the bathroom.

At that moment, my husband appeared out of nowhere, somehow knowing about the mission I was on. Noting the seriousness of matter, he asked: “Do you really have to go? Can’t you hold it?”
By that time I was already dancing in place. Clearly, the answer was ‘no’. After what seemed like an eternity a bathroom was finally located. It was very small. After carefully wrapping the dress around myself like spaghetti around a fork, I let nature take its course. When I was done it was nearly 8 a.m. and an anxious official came to make sure I departed on time.

Once we reached the gate to the residence, there was already a crowd of spectators, but luckily I was able to slip inside unnoticed.

I’m in the clear! It’s finally over! I thought, sighing as I looked forward to removing what would undoubtedly become  one of the most priceless garments in history.

Then I realized that in all the excitement I had forgotten to take a change of clothes for myself. As I tried to figure out how to avoid going half-naked after giving Kate her dress, one of the officials spotted a spot of gray on the hem. My heart fell as I pondered where I went wrong, but before I could explain myself Princess Beatrice’s hat soared at me like something out of Doom and everything went black.

I had this dream last night (May 14, 2011) and it amused me to no end. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed the adventure.

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