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You’re invited!

Hey friends! You’re invited to the launch of my new website. It finally went live today and I’d love it if you’d stop by, make yourself at home and check out my upcoming project.

Hope to see you there!

Warmest regards,



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My husband, Max, has outdone himself yet again! Check out these amazing photos of his latest creation Wintergrasp, a folding knife inspired by World of Warcraft. Inspiration, it seems, sometimes acts like a domino effect. His work moved me to write the following: 

Like red and orange flames, the autumn leaves lick at the chilly air. They soon give way and bow down, relinquishing autumn’s domain over the season. The precession of frosty winds and snowy showers usher in a new reign of Wintergrasp.

Mother of pearl inlay in African blackwood, featuring the alliance crest from WoW

Texture of damascus steel

Overall form of finished piece

Filework on the backbone

Closed knife featuring the mother of pearl inlay of the Horde crest from WoW

View of the closed knife featuring the WoW Alliance crest

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Logic is seeing and then believing. Faith is believing and then seeing.

I hope this hack is working. I don’t think it’s being tracked. If I’m wrong, they’ll alter your memory for reading it, Shykia’s for writing it (even though she knows nothing of this message), but my punishment will probably be worse. Hell, the council voted to execute me as a child, but thankfully their plans were interrupted. It seems comical that they need my help now. Given what’s at stake and seeing their changed ways, I agreed, but I disapprove of some of their methods.

Faith often defies logic, revealing that the vacuous spaces of reality aren’t so empty after all.

I’m Camile, by the way. I’ve learned that people who can see beyond the surface are less likely to fall through the cracks. If you’re reading this, you might be one of the lucky ones. I was told to keep the knowledge of my world a secret. As a woman who’s dealt with secrets all her life, I know how unfair and deadly they can be.

The real challenge is to open yourself to change without losing your individuality.

I feel obligated to tell you that there’s more to your world than what you’ve been led to believe. The things that go bump in the night aren’t always ghosts. There are people watching you, evaluating you even though you might not see them. I’m part of such a group, but don’t worry, we’re the ones you want watching over you.

It is the generator of hope that highlights a world that seems overly dismal.

It’s our defectors you need to be concerned about. They’ve been attacking and trafficking the people of your world for God knows how long. I’m forbidden from unsupervised contact with Coexistents (people like you), so I hope none of my people is reading over your shoulder. Then again, you wouldn’t have gotten this far if they were.

If you can look beyond the illusions, what you’ve been led to believe, you’d trust in your heart to do what’s right.

I don’t know how or why, but Shykia’s been to my realm and knows everything about it, me and the war that’s brewing. Funny thing is she thinks it’s all fiction. For her sake, that’s probably best. Still, she may be the best chance I have of you ever learning my story. That is, if the council or the rebels don’t get to her first.

Sorry I can’t say more in this message. I gotta leave before I get caught. You’ve made a big step by seeing beneath the surface of this entry. Please share it and connect with others who can see like you can. Subscribe to this blog or follow her on Facebook and you’ll see BEYOND THE VEIL this fall if you’re willing to go further. Until then, be careful, pay attention, and please be kind to yourself and others. It counts much more than you realize.

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On this day in 2001, I was preparing to attend my college classes when I received a call from my husband. He was on the train, crossing the Manhattan Bridge when he saw the first tower fall. I turned on the news and dashed to my window and saw the second tower ablaze amidst billowing smoke. I still remember how surreal it all seemed. As trite as it sounds, it was like a terrible nightmare. Through initial numbness and confusion came unprecedented fear that gave way to anger and a thirst for justice. Then came the chilling realization that just months earlier I quit my job in the World Trade Center Mall due in large part to a scheduling conflict with my college program.

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Ten years ago, America was wounded by senseless violence. In a blinding flash, loved ones were lost and our nation was plunged into war. Each year since has elapsed in a blur, yet the pain is still as present as it was during those life-changing moments. Though heavy-hearted, we’ve grown stronger and more determined to preserve our freedom. Though the tears fall, our spirit remains unbroken while we retain our faith, knowing that those who had passed wouldn’t want us to surrender to despair or hatred. Doing so would only perpetuate what stole them from us. That is why we shall never forget. By remembering them, and all they stood for, we will immortalize them in our hearts and minds.

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