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On this day in 2001, I was preparing to attend my college classes when I received a call from my husband. He was on the train, crossing the Manhattan Bridge when he saw the first tower fall. I turned on the news and dashed to my window and saw the second tower ablaze amidst billowing smoke. I still remember how surreal it all seemed. As trite as it sounds, it was like a terrible nightmare. Through initial numbness and confusion came unprecedented fear that gave way to anger and a thirst for justice. Then came the chilling realization that just months earlier I quit my job in the World Trade Center Mall due in large part to a scheduling conflict with my college program.


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Ten years ago, America was wounded by senseless violence. In a blinding flash, loved ones were lost and our nation was plunged into war. Each year since has elapsed in a blur, yet the pain is still as present as it was during those life-changing moments. Though heavy-hearted, we’ve grown stronger and more determined to preserve our freedom. Though the tears fall, our spirit remains unbroken while we retain our faith, knowing that those who had passed wouldn’t want us to surrender to despair or hatred. Doing so would only perpetuate what stole them from us. That is why we shall never forget. By remembering them, and all they stood for, we will immortalize them in our hearts and minds.

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