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Logic is seeing and then believing. Faith is believing and then seeing.

I hope this hack is working. I don’t think it’s being tracked. If I’m wrong, they’ll alter your memory for reading it, Shykia’s for writing it (even though she knows nothing of this message), but my punishment will probably be worse. Hell, the council voted to execute me as a child, but thankfully their plans were interrupted. It seems comical that they need my help now. Given what’s at stake and seeing their changed ways, I agreed, but I disapprove of some of their methods.

Faith often defies logic, revealing that the vacuous spaces of reality aren’t so empty after all.

I’m Camile, by the way. I’ve learned that people who can see beyond the surface are less likely to fall through the cracks. If you’re reading this, you might be one of the lucky ones. I was told to keep the knowledge of my world a secret. As a woman who’s dealt with secrets all her life, I know how unfair and deadly they can be.

The real challenge is to open yourself to change without losing your individuality.

I feel obligated to tell you that there’s more to your world than what you’ve been led to believe. The things that go bump in the night aren’t always ghosts. There are people watching you, evaluating you even though you might not see them. I’m part of such a group, but don’t worry, we’re the ones you want watching over you.

It is the generator of hope that highlights a world that seems overly dismal.

It’s our defectors you need to be concerned about. They’ve been attacking and trafficking the people of your world for God knows how long. I’m forbidden from unsupervised contact with Coexistents (people like you), so I hope none of my people is reading over your shoulder. Then again, you wouldn’t have gotten this far if they were.

If you can look beyond the illusions, what you’ve been led to believe, you’d trust in your heart to do what’s right.

I don’t know how or why, but Shykia’s been to my realm and knows everything about it, me and the war that’s brewing. Funny thing is she thinks it’s all fiction. For her sake, that’s probably best. Still, she may be the best chance I have of you ever learning my story. That is, if the council or the rebels don’t get to her first.

Sorry I can’t say more in this message. I gotta leave before I get caught. You’ve made a big step by seeing beneath the surface of this entry. Please share it and connect with others who can see like you can. Subscribe to this blog or follow her on Facebook and you’ll see BEYOND THE VEIL this fall if you’re willing to go further. Until then, be careful, pay attention, and please be kind to yourself and others. It counts much more than you realize.


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A dream dawns from the city shadows

Most people think I’m putting them on when I tell them I’m a native New Yorker who grew up in the inner-city. They often say my personality doesn’t reflect the fact that I was raised in such a rough neighborhood. Nevertheless, I’ve learned firsthand that your geographical environment alone doesn’t determine your destiny, especially when you’ve been instilled with a moral compass and a solid educational foundation. That’s not to say my childhood was easy. On the contrary, it was tough being the kid with big dreams while surrounded by people whose ambitions were skewed or stolen. As a result, I was ridiculed for my lofty aspirations. 20/20 hindsight has allowed me to see that my success would remind my doubters of their failures, so naturally they preferred that I join them, not surpass them.

This has been a recurring situation that continues to follow me to this very day. The difference is that now I understand that in order to dream, you have to defy reality, even amongst misbelievers. If you succumb to the doubt around you—and sometimes within you—your dreams stand no chance of survival. The more I learned about this burdensome responsibility to preserve my ambitions, the stronger my will became to bear it. My recent lesson spanned three years with the development of my recent manuscript. I poured much of my soul into a project that means the world to me, yet I found that those around me were either unable or unwilling to understand. It was painful at first, but time has helped me to heal and grow. Not only that, I used my pain as a propellant to drive me closer to reaching my goals. As I put the finishing touches on a novel that has demanded much of my time, patience and energy, I move on to the next phase of my journey, hoping that I can use my dream to motivate others. All my blogs come from the heart, but this one comes from a personal place within it. I’m more comfortable with delving into topics outside of my private realm, but this time I feel I must give a broader picture of why I write and how it has saved me.

Some dreams die out when they don’t have the nourishment of support. Others are so powerful, that like the durable water bear, they remain dormant for vast periods of time, springing back to life when the conditions become favorable. This miraculous occurrence has taken place in my life. Like many people, I found myself adrift, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t due to lack of skills or interests.  Quite the contrary, I had several. I always thought my love of drawing would lead me to a life-long career as an artist. Along the way I struggled with many issues including family complications, identity and popularity—or lack thereof. I eventually found myself spiraling into depression. After several rough patches I began to dig myself out with a pen, using paper to help dry my tears and mend my bleeding heart. Creative writing helped set me on the path to finding my soul’s cadence again. One of the last pieces I wrote, just before my college years, was abandoned due to other obligations.

Consequently, I became too busy to write much else since I was focused on becoming a graphic designer. The market was tough, but I managed to secure two jobs in the field before ultimately realizing that it didn’t feed my soul like I hoped it would. Being the tenaciously stubborn woman that I am, I stuck with it and pushed through when times got tough.  Then I met an old acquaintance I hoped never to see again. Depression. I felt lost for a multitude of reasons; I had selected a vocation that just didn’t stoke the flame of my creative passion any longer. Additionally, I had poured so much of myself into making it work that when it didn’t, I felt like a failure. I put so many years building a bridge to my dream only to realize it wasn’t leading me anywhere I wanted to go.

The decision was tough, but I needed to make a significant change. Approaching the sacrificial slab of destiny, the choice became clear; I had to sacrifice the expectations of others in order to rediscover myself. Sometimes in order to be free, truly free, you have to let some people down and let some people go. The nakedness of it all was unnerving. I knew the life I had worn before didn’t fit me, yet I had squeezed into it and had gotten acclimated to the snug fit of routine.

I may have traded brush strokes for key strokes, but the pictures I paint are just as vivid. The important thing is that I’m expressing myself more freely than I ever have. Today, I have reached a milestone on my journey. After three years, I have completed my manuscript for my second novel and will soon begin the nerve-wracking process of query submission. It is my hope that the past three years I spent working on my novel will reach the eyes and touch the hearts of many. I also hope to carve a lasting legacy in the world that will remain long after I’ve moved on. To everyone who’s struggling to achieve your goal; know that although people may say you can’t make it, you’re the only one who can prove them right or wrong. Understand that there will be days on your journey when you’ll seek outside motivation that won’t be there. Know that you have the power within yourself to move forward and lift yourself up, even when you don’t think you have the strength.

P.S., the last thing I wrote before college ended up being the first book I published. I didn’t realize that until after it was printed.

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