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Logic is seeing and then believing. Faith is believing and then seeing.

I hope this hack is working. I don’t think it’s being tracked. If I’m wrong, they’ll alter your memory for reading it, Shykia’s for writing it (even though she knows nothing of this message), but my punishment will probably be worse. Hell, the council voted to execute me as a child, but thankfully their plans were interrupted. It seems comical that they need my help now. Given what’s at stake and seeing their changed ways, I agreed, but I disapprove of some of their methods.

Faith often defies logic, revealing that the vacuous spaces of reality aren’t so empty after all.

I’m Camile, by the way. I’ve learned that people who can see beyond the surface are less likely to fall through the cracks. If you’re reading this, you might be one of the lucky ones. I was told to keep the knowledge of my world a secret. As a woman who’s dealt with secrets all her life, I know how unfair and deadly they can be.

The real challenge is to open yourself to change without losing your individuality.

I feel obligated to tell you that there’s more to your world than what you’ve been led to believe. The things that go bump in the night aren’t always ghosts. There are people watching you, evaluating you even though you might not see them. I’m part of such a group, but don’t worry, we’re the ones you want watching over you.

It is the generator of hope that highlights a world that seems overly dismal.

It’s our defectors you need to be concerned about. They’ve been attacking and trafficking the people of your world for God knows how long. I’m forbidden from unsupervised contact with Coexistents (people like you), so I hope none of my people is reading over your shoulder. Then again, you wouldn’t have gotten this far if they were.

If you can look beyond the illusions, what you’ve been led to believe, you’d trust in your heart to do what’s right.

I don’t know how or why, but Shykia’s been to my realm and knows everything about it, me and the war that’s brewing. Funny thing is she thinks it’s all fiction. For her sake, that’s probably best. Still, she may be the best chance I have of you ever learning my story. That is, if the council or the rebels don’t get to her first.

Sorry I can’t say more in this message. I gotta leave before I get caught. You’ve made a big step by seeing beneath the surface of this entry. Please share it and connect with others who can see like you can. Subscribe to this blog or follow her on Facebook and you’ll see BEYOND THE VEIL this fall if you’re willing to go further. Until then, be careful, pay attention, and please be kind to yourself and others. It counts much more than you realize.


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"Where are you, holiday spirit?"

Lately, I’ve asked myself: Where has my holiday spirit gone? Each year it has grown progressively dimmer until I found myself unable to locate it. Did it melt away like snow in the springtime? Did it fall from the branches of my resolve to be swept away like pine needles in the wind? Eventually, I felt my joy slipping away as my human spirit began to depart, possibly in search of its long-lost holiday counterpart. The world around me suddenly became bleak as it lost its vibrant colors of mystery and wonder. My vision was invaded by grim news and current events depicting the massacre of holiday spirit and human spirit around the globe. Still, I wondered: Where are you, holiday spirit? What have I done to drive you away? In exiting my childhood, did I abandon you for endless responsibility and what I believed to be reality?

Opening my heart and mind while forsaking the so-called logic of the current state of the world, I allowed myself to simply look and listen. In doing so, the stillness of my soul was interrupted with an answer to my agonizing questions. That answer came to me in this:

Yes, my holiday spirit has returned to me! It was disguised in this wonderful performance by my friend, Johnny Weaver. When it spoke to me after so many years, I realized that it hadn’t died. Nor did its counterpart, human spirit. It had only gotten buried beneath the propaganda of negativity perpetrated by those who no longer believe. Even so, it had been safely nestled at the bottom of my heart as it patiently waited to be uncovered. Tears filled my eyes as I was reminded of the wonders we shared throughout my childhood and into my very early adulthood. I caught a chill as I recalled how empowering and liberating it felt to believe that anything was possible, no matter how ridiculous others claimed it was. Joy and peace flowed through me as I remembered the happy times shared with family during past holidays. How wonderfully invincible it felt back then! Though the years have accumulated since then, the emotions still feel as fresh as when I experienced them during those occasions.

Whether or not the snow had coated the ground, there was no mistaking that the holidays were present. Colorful lights strung through tinsel covered pine only symbolized the deep-seated belief, as sweet as candy canes. The carefully wrapped presents are yet another symbol of the gift of life, shrouded in mystery. Each day we tug the ribbon of time, unraveling the gift of another day full of potential for love, adventure, laughter, happiness and peace. It all begins in your heart and with your decision to once again believe.

Happy Holidays!

P.S., Be sure to check out Johnny’s music via the following:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/johnnyweaversings
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/sosinatra1
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/johnnyweaversings and http://www.myspace.com/mrjohnweaver

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Life. The mysterious phenomenon that engulfs us all. Many seek its true definition while others run through it with wild abandonment.

Life. That unclassifiable morphing structure which is limited only by our imagination and genuine desires. Deeper than any ocean, more vast than the endless depths of space, so large that despite humanity’s collective efforts to capture and suspend it in time, it will inevitably manage to elude us all, maintaining its control. We expend much time and energy on looking for the answers in the star-encrusted universe. We search for new life on distant planets while we ignore and destroy our neighbors on the one we inhabit. Often, it is not until we witness the diminishing form of life, carrying them into the unknown horizon of existence that we finally voice appreciation for the people and things we once took for granted. But the acknowledgement that should have nurtured and cultivated these beings during the spring can do nothing more than mark the wintery grave of what once was. The swift evolution of life’s phases waits for no one. Isn’t that reason enough to shower one another with love while we still can–as we go through the turbulent rotation of life’s seasons? What is the sense of hoarding it until we fade into the sunset?

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