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My husband has created yet another masterpiece! This Steampunk USB flash drive is encased in a combination of African Blackwood and Amboina wood. The gears in the window were taken from an old watch and actually run when connected to a computer. Due to the noise level, an on/off switch was included for convenience. The unit also has two functioning lights, one inside the window and one on the body of the piece itself. The purpose of the inner light is to enhance the aesthetic quality and show off the inner workings. The outer light serves as an indicator when the device is in use. Below are some images of the project from beginning to completion. I’ve also included a brief video of the final product in action.


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My inventive husband, Max, has finished another brilliant project. This time, his ingenuity resulted in the creation of a steampunk inspired nightlight he calls the “Lightning Trap”.

The finished product


The "Lightning Trap" in operation


Theoretically, the device would be placed outside to collect and store lightning energy when struck. It is then converted and stored in power filters which transfer the energy to the delicately glowing bulb, housed within a chicken eggshell.

All components for this project, with the exception of the egg, batteries and LED lights, were created by my husband with painstaking precision. The the light and battery compartments were soldered together after the internal working components were fitted and tested. Since a ‘AA’ battery was insufficient in terms of power, Max decided to remedy the problem by creating a custom one out of button batteries encased in a container he made, himself.

Homemade battery in production


Homemade battery completed


Light compartment with attached battery compartment


And then there was light...And it was good!


The eggshell (of course drained and thoroughly cleaned) was cut at the base to provide an opening for the light to shine through.

Light testing with mounted shell


The pattern for the external circuit wiring was drawn and the position for the metal contacts were marked.

Mapping the position for the contacts and wire


The final result looks amazingly close to the blueprint!


Here's the blueprint


This entire project took about a month for Max to complete. Though I’m sharing this incredible piece to the best of my ability, I’m sure I’ve left out some details. Feel free to check out Max’s blog at: http://madmaxthesniper.livejournal.com/ He mainly posts in Russian, but Google has a cool translation feature that usually helps to narrow the language barrier. Usually. 😉

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